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Panels storage lines

The storage realizes from Bironcar are fully automatic, the software for storage using the development platform “MoviconSCADA / HMI. The management PC is able to provide the accounting of the store quantities and talk with any customer information system.

  • Full automated chaotic storage for panels:
    The chaotic storage are widely used in companies that sell panels cut to size and they need services to saws machine operated with “nesting” software.
    Normally the machine is placed inside the warehouse and the manipulator, through a dedicated software collects the stacks panels and deposits them in the machine for cutting; the panels cut to size can be taken up by the manipulator and re- staking in the warehouse in a new level
  • Full automated vertical storage for panels:
    Done alternatively to the chaotic stores have the advantage of occupying a reduced surface, generally are arranged against the walls of the shed and can reach seven meters height.
    Bironcar in addition to the shuttle wagons, provides the support structures at shelf or the cantilever.